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The Cornish Gansey Company are proud and honoured to be able to offer you Gansey Kits from the talented knitwear designer Liz Lovick of Nothern Lace and well known Knitwear Designer, Rita Taylor.

Liz was taught to knit by her Cornish grandmother when very young and kept herself in clothes through school by knitting arans for friends!  When ill health forced her to stop teaching when she was 40 she did what her forebears would have done - turned to knitting again!   From her home on Flotta, an island in Scapa Flow, she now researches, designs and knits, specialising in bringing gansey, Fair Isle and Shetland lace patterns to a new audience.

Her website is www.northernlace.co.uk and she blogs as Northern Lace. She is northernlace on Ravelry and Facebook, but LizLovick on Twitter!

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Rita has been knitting since she was a small child, making up patterns for her teddy bear’s clothes and her sister’s dolls. When she is not knitting, Rita enjoys gardening, painting and cycling around the lanes of Norfolk where she lives.  The photographs that she takes of the local landscape and architecture provide inspiration for many of her knitting and crochet designs.  You can see some of them on berrycat’s ravelry page http://www.ravelry.com/projects/berrycat or on her website www.heritagehandknits.co.uk