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    square 3

    I know I said each Monday but I am in the day job tomorrow so may not have time to post- thus this Sunday evening one instead.

    This week's Gansey Square is Bude: Ladders. For those of you who don't know Cornwall, Bude is sited on the North Coast of  the county and an area notorious for Wreckers, Smugglers and Shipwrecks. If you ever get the chance, do walk along the coastal path here. You can spot the Island of Lundy home of the protected Puffins and find Reverend Hawkers Driftwood hut on the cliffs at Morwenstow. Legend says he smoked opium here whilst writing poetry and watching for Shipwrecks! I visited a year or so again and it is very easy to imagine.

    Anyway, this pattern is a fun and easy ladder pattern. Gansey motifs and stitch patterns often feature ropes and ladders as well as anchors, waves and sand bars. Just cast on 40 sts with 3.5mm needles and knit away. I have included both chart and written instructions for ease. 

    bude ladders


    Using 3.5mm needles, CO 40 sts        cornish gansey square 3 bude ladder

    Row 1 and all RS rows: Knit. (40 sts)
    Row 2 (WS): P, (k, p11) x 3, k, p2.
    Row 4: Knit.
    Row 6: Repeat row 2.
    Row 8: Repeat row 2.
    Row 10: Repeat row 2.
    Row 12: Repeat row 2.
    Row 14: Repeat row 2.
    Row 16: Knit.
    Row 18: Repeat row 2.
    Row 20: Repeat row 2.
    Row 22: Repeat row 2.
    Row 24: Repeat row 2.
    Row 26: Repeat row 2.
    Row 28: Knit.
    Row 30: Repeat row 2.
    Row 32: Repeat row 2.
    Row 34: Repeat row 2.
    Row 36: Repeat row 2.
    Row 38: Repeat row 2.
    Row 40: Knit.
    Row 42: Repeat row 2.
    Row 44: Repeat row 2.
    Row 46: Repeat row 2.
    Row 48: Repeat row 2.
    Row 50: Repeat row 2.
    Row 52: Knit.
    Row 54: Repeat row 2.
    Row 56: Repeat row 2.

    Happy knitting

    love  Tina B xxxx

  2. square 2

    So it's Monday again and time for Part 2 Of our four part Gansey Square Knit-a-long for Syrian Refugee Blankets and the 3 Bags Full Wool Market. This week I have used the simple but very effective Lizard: Lattice stitch pattern inspired by  Cornish Guernseys & Knitfrocks writted by Mary Wright. I love this particular pattern because although simple, produces a fabric which naturally ripples and bubbles and almost comes to life under your needles. I really urge you to give this pattern a go because the photo really doesn't do justice to it's attractive texture.

    Again, I have used DK weight yarn and 3.5mm needles so the purl stitches really stand out. The finished square measures 6.5 x 6.5 in. Good luck and enjoy.

    Lizard: The Lattice

    Using 3.5mm needles, CO 40 sts    lizard lattice gansey square
    Row 1 (RS): Knit. (40 sts)
    Row 2 (WS): Purl.
    Row 3: Knit.
    Row 4: (K3, p3) x 6, k3, p.
    Row 5: Knit.
    Row 6: Repeat row 4.
    Row 7: Knit.
    Row 8: Repeat row 4.
    Row 9: Knit.
    Row 10: Purl.
    Row 11: Knit.
    Row 12: Purl.
    Row 13: K4, (p3, k3) x 6.
    Row 14: Purl.
    Row 15: Repeat row 13.
    Row 16: Purl.
    Row 17: Repeat row 13.
    Row 18: Purl.
    Row 19: Knit.
    Rows 20 - 55: Repeat rows 2 - 19.
    Row 56: Purl.



    Happy knitting.


    Tina B xx